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19/11 Big Starcraft 2 Tournament@Outpost Brussels

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19/11 Big Starcraft 2 Tournament@Outpost Brussels Empty 19/11 Big Starcraft 2 Tournament@Outpost Brussels

Message  Bernardo Sam 5 Nov - 18:26

Hi everyone,

Here comes another Starcraft 2 Tournament ! It would again be a great occasion to meet
and play against the best players in Belgium so don't hesitate to come and have fun Wink!
When: Saturday 19/11 at 12h00
Format: 1 vs 1
Where : Outpost Brussels
Rue de la tribune, 8
1000 Brussels
Entry Fee: 10 Euros (which includes Free Outpost membership and free gaming on the
Outpost computers during the tournament)

Prizes (for 32 Players):
1st 100 Euros
2nd 50 Euros
3rd 35 Euros
4th 25 Euros

First Stage: Players will be divided in Groups (Best of 1 Match).
The first 2 players of each group will advance to the final brackets
Final Brackets will be best of 3.
Map pool is listed below, and selection will be done by players.
Maps: Most current official 1 vs 1, so for the moment: Shakuras Plateau, The Shattered
Temple, Dual Sight, Xel`Naga Caverns, MLG iCCup Testbug v3.0, Metalopolis, Tal'Darim
Altar LE

15 minutes late for your match will count as an auto loss.

Good luck and See you soon Wink!!!
The Outpost Brussels Team


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